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Another year, decade, whatever...
It's 2010... and I can't believe I've just entered my fourth decade. I feel so old! And the last ten years has truly zipped by... Where did it go? I guess I feel a lot of it got wasted... I haven't really done a lot with those ten years. I have grown a lot though. I am a very different person to that 14 year old girl (as well I should be) and I have to say... I like who I am now. So I don't really have regrets; I wouldn't change anything I did or didn't do along the way for fear of changing who I am right now.

This is the fourth New Years I've spent with Alan... and the best, I think. We went down to the lake, and they had this huge celebration - a band, and little food stalls and rides and stuff for kids. Everyone was decked out in glowsticks and toys and sparklers and it was absolutely packed. And the fireworks were really awesome and gorgeous and it was a lot of fun. And all of it just down the street! I definitely want to spend next new years down there as well, hopefully with some friends this time.

Reflections on 2009 -

It's been a weird year, but overall I think it's been an enjoyable one. For the first time in years I actually like where I live and don't want to move any time in the near future. I've accomplished goals I've had for years (like finally finishing my damn novel!) and been close enough to friends to actually get out and see them occasionally.

Sure it's not all roses and sunshine, and there are certain aspects that could use improving... but I've enjoyed living it, and when it comes down to it, that's never a waste.

Goals for 2010 -

- Publish my novel.

- Begin second novel.

- Lose 20kgs

- Improve my financial situation in some way shape or form.

- Live healthier

- Increase social activities.

- Enjoy life.


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