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My Gods I am frustrated.

Firstly, wtg friends who flake out on you because being there to help you out is too damn hard. THat's always fun.

Secondly, my god its heartwarming and lovely to be reminded that actually, you don't have any friends. Like seriously, none. And basically it's because you're an awful person who nobody can stand to be around. You just have an obnoxious, grating personality and no one likes you. That was a fun discovery.

Oh and the owner of our rental house showed up today and our cat who we don't officially have decided to go greet him at the door. So yay to potential future homelessness.

And I have to do an assignment and I really should get to it but I just can't seem to motivate myself.

And father dearest called because he wants tech help, and let's be real, that's the only time he calls. Oh, that and to remind me what a fuck up I am.

Next time someone asks how I am, I think I might redirect them to this page.


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